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National Music Museum
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When you think about it, there is a museum for just about anything you can think of. Some may seem a little odd — having a museum dedicated to a food or a candy for instance — but today, let’s … more
'Stand by your Man'
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“I don’t belong to any man.” This is something a woman could say and receive universal applause. Or almost. A man could say, “I don’t belong to any woman.” And people would just knit … more
Gimme that old time rock n’ roll
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Still like that old time rock and roll, that kind of music just soothes the soul. — Bob Seeger If, like me, you love music and grew up in Southeast Kansas, you likely know that Walt … more
Sing along with JT!
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How many of you remember watching “Sing Along with Mitch (Miller)?” If you say yes, then you’re admitting to being a certain age. I sure thought I remembered seeing a little ball bouncing over … more
Summer evening memories
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I enjoy sitting in the swing on our patio in the early morning hours, as well as in the evening when the sun goes down. That is a time for quiet and peaceful reflection with only the sounds of nature … more
The journey
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It is important to “clean house” occasionally. I mean this literally and figuratively. We’ve got to stop, take stock, prioritize, and move on. Long trips can give us an opportunity to do this. … more
I’ll meet you on the corner
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You never forget the sacred places of your childhood. — John Dufresne The catalpa beans in our neighborhood have reached the exact size and consistency I remember from 1962 when friends … more
Apartment surge
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"I forgot to mention it's on the third floor." My sister conned me into helping her move into an apartment several years ago and didn't tell me we'd have to carry her oversized couch up three flights … more
Gas & electricity & scissors, oh my!
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This excerpt from “Frogdancer,” Arma native Frank Jeler Jr’s memoir, continues the story of his return to college in Pittsburg in 1962. — J.T.K. I was at the college at 8 a.m. And when … more
The rate of return for your tax dollars
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Very few things are more controversial than taxes. Although most people recognize at some level that taxes are necessary, no one likes them and everyone wants them to be less. No matter where you are … more
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With the 4th of July just around the corner and since this would be published after the 4th if I didn’t send it this week, I am writing my column this week on “America.” I think many … more
What God put me here to do
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Teaching is one of the strangest, most wonderful professions ever. Our job is to take something that we have and give it to others. When we are done, not only will we still have what we gave away, … more
One piece at a time
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Like most writers, I have a factory-installed radar detector for incoming words, phrases, bits of conversation, etc. that I contemplate … and sometimes use in my scribblings. Here’s one from last … more
Federal Reserve carburetor
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"Now we listen to it idle." My dad worked on small engines as a side job when I was a kid. I remember watching him adjust a cantankerous carburetor and then stepping back to watch it. I asked him … more
Formatted to read
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We all have our favorite way to read. I’m not talking about sitting in a favorite deck chair or seated next to the dog on a comfy couch or propped up in bed. I’m taking about the format you … more
The need for planning
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It is evident that Pittsburg is growing, and it is objectively a good thing — there are plenty of jobs, more amenities, and increased community wealth. But with that growth come the issues that these improvements bring. more
By choice
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I told my Paraguayan Elementary Statistics Class my Russian snake vodka story. While it has nothing to do with statistics, every once in a while it is good to let the young people know you weren’t always the old boring thing that you are now. more
Father knows best
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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” — Frederick Douglas more
The Crawford County Commission has voted to rescind their approval of the Western Alignment around Pittsburg citing more public support for improvements to the existing bypass. What improvements?? more
Ambush market
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My dog thinks a 100-foot section of our morning walk is Ambush Canyon. Two unleashed dogs ran at her barking and scared her a few weeks ago. Now she gives that house the side-eye every time we walk … more
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