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The City of Pittsburg is finalizing its budget for 2025 (we are on a calendar year basis). The budget will be submitted to the City Commission on July 23rd. The State has mandated that cities must … more
The switch to Daylight Saving Time annoys me.  This used to be simply because I am a morning person and it takes away an hour of daylight from the morning. (That’s right: No daylight is … more
Sifting through slips of the tongue
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“It gets late early around here.” — Yogi Berra Every now and then a word catches my eye and sends me on a journey of possible usages – the word “sift,” for … more
Jesus gave Peter the power to bind and to loose.  A lot of time has been wasted by Protestant and Catholics over what that means and its scope.  Before there were even Protestants, the … more
Happy Little Accidents
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My high school kids love the magic of Bob Ross. We have been reading about abstract painting and people like Jackson Pollock the last few weeks. I even posed the question of “What is … more
A gift that keeps on giving
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Here’s a statement Linda and I hear quite a lot these days (a variation of which I bet many reading this also hear): “I didn’t know about that.” And “Gosh, I’m … more
Fire and Rain
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Her name was Teresa Massa, but I called her Mother Teresa, and she thought that it was funny. There are people on Earth whose job it is to clean up the messes that other people have made.  … more
Arduino and Nicodemus
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When we are making big changes in our lives we ask ourselves, am I doing the right thing? After we’ve made the big changes in our lives and it’s too late to go back, we ask ourselves, … more
An Instant Cult Classic 
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I went out last weekend to the movies with one of my best friends to see the film “Lisa Frankenstein” directed by the late Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda. I had no preconceived … more
My wife and I started our relationship fast. Our first date was February 3rd, we got engaged on May 11th, and were married six months later. It was a fast start, but after twenty-seven years, things … more
I love the alternative band Fall Out Boy, but I really dislike their version of Billy Joel’s iconic song “We Didn’t Start Fire.” I heard it live before it was a single last … more
My funny Valentine
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As Valentine’s Day is next week, I decided to do a little research on its history. What I found was interesting … and a little kinky. You may already know that Valentine's Day was … more
Assembly Language
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I almost began this piece by saying, “Humans run stories like computers run programs.” It gets toward my point, but it falls into some dangerous territory. Please allow me to explain. … more
Curmudgeon recovery plan
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It has been pointed out to me that ever since my 2024 Andy Rooney curmudgeon rant a month back, I’ve been at the mercy of what the Germans call weltschmerz — psychic pain, world … more
The Arthouse “Barbie” Movie
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I watched the Oscar nominated feminist black comedy “Poor Things” and I need to discuss it. It explored many themes of what it means to be a woman in 2024 and our gender roles that … more
Stocks Shuffle Along, Set New Record Highs
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Cliff Young, a 61-year-old potato farmer, shuffled down the highway for over five days straight to win a grueling 543-mile ultra marathon in 1983. It was his first race, and he ran it wearing … more
Boundaries 2024
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CUTLINE: My yoga injury has made it difficult to do my other jobs as a special education English teacher and freelance writer. CHAR STRONG / THE MORNING SUN "Love yourself enough to set … more
The subzero, hoodie misinformation blues
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“Woke up this mornin', feelin' round for my shoes. But you know 'bout that babe. I, got these old walkin' blues.” — Robert Johnson These past few weeks I’ve found myself … more
Bubba and Taylor Swift
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I got a call last week from my old friend Bubba from back home.  He’s the one that lives just the other side of Wapanucka.  We passed and repassed on just about every subject under … more
Percy Jackson and Stephen Fry
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I’ve been watching the series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” on Disney Plus with my family.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Percy Jackson, he is a creation … more
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