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President’s Day
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Last week I wrote on the topic of “Caring” and the ripple effect decisions can have from just one person or event and that such a decision can affect several people or events for years and even centuries to come.  Since we have just celebrated “President’s Day” this week, I am going to use our presidents as examples of how some of their decisions continue to affect us today.  more
The mysticism of real change
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"Everything begins in mysticism and ends in politics." That's a quote from Charles Peguy, a French poet, who died in World War I. Reflecting on his thinking, author Robert Royal recently explained on his website The Catholic Thing: "What he meant is that every powerful movement begins as a spiritual force, and then is 'incarnated' in concrete action."   more
Journalism icon calls for end of objectivity
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I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I literally had to read it twice. Leonard Downie Jr., executive editor of the Washington Post for most of my professional career, wrote that “truth-seeking news media must move beyond whatever ‘objectivity’ once meant to produce more trustworthy news.”  more
Last Saturday marked the four-year anniversary of my start at the Morning Sun. From being hired as a general assignment reporter to now finishing my time here as editor, I’ve seen many changes, for better and for worse.  more
A stitch in time
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One of my favorite memories of Grandma Mary is her teaching me to sew on her old Singer in the angling light of the north window in her back bedroom.  more
Justice for George Santos
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Some Republicans have entreated House GOP leaders: Can't we get rid of this guy? Can't we just kick him out? The guy, of course, is Rep. George Santos, the GOP freshman who won election in the 3rd District of New York by lying about virtually everything in his life. more
Hope is the better bet
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Starting his State of the Union address, President Biden congratulated two top Republicans, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. more
On Wednesday, the House K-12 Education Budget Committee passed a massive voucher bill that will gut the state’s public education system if made into law.  more
State of the Union highlights reel
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Despite MSNBC treating Biden's State of the Union address like the royal wedding, you probably didn't watch it. But it doesn't matter because ... I've got the highlights reel!   more
Lowe’s Grocery & Mercantile, part 1
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The following is the first excerpt from a memoir by Norma Lee (Lowe) Bird about Lowe's Grocery & Mercantile in Hepler in 1946. It’s a classic look at small town life centered around a grocery store (and pool hall) that was duplicated all through rural Kansas. Norma Lee now lives in Oswego. — J.T.K.  more
You can go to sleep for a year, maybe more. Or cancel your newspaper subscriptions. You may as well terminate your cable service — unless, of course, you want to binge on college basketball. And as for social media blasts, you can live without them.  more
An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business, generally taking on more risk than average to do so. I believe that learning and practicing entrepreneurship at a young age is key to developing the workforce of tomorrow. more
Good so far
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"One cup of coffee at a time." I often call one of my parents while I drive to work each morning. Usually, my dad will say, "how's your day going so far" and I will frequently say, "I'm one cup of coffee in, so it's good so far." more
A friend of mine who's been having real issues with his marketing program asked me if I could figure out what was going on.  more
Check out these books
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We’re six weeks into 2023 and the list of books I want to read grows longer with each shipment that arrives at the library. Here’s a partial listing of new titles available so you can see what you want to read next. Come on in and pick out your new favorite.   more
Controversy at the Grammys
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There was some outrage surrounding the "Unholy" performance of Sam Smith and Kim Petras at the Grammys, which involved Smith dressing up like the devil, against a backdrop of someone's cartoonish idea of hell.  more
Holy joinery
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It is a ritual. Take your wood and use a marking gauge to mark walls a distance from the end. Then make your marks on the endgrain. Take your dovetail jig and mark slanting lines from the endgrain down to the wall. Then you make your cut.  more
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Have you ever dropped a rock into a pool of water? If so, you have seen the effect of the rock hitting the water surface and then the ripples that move out from the center where the rock hit. more
The rising price of eggs has many people thinking about getting a few chickens. If this thought has also crossed your mind here are a few things to consider in your decision-making process.   more
“It's ridiculous for a country to get all worked up about a football game — except the Super Bowl, of course. Now that's important.” — Andy Rooney  more
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