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Park Place, Boardwalk, and Pittsburg

Introducing the Morning Sun’s new publisher


A few things you should know about me: 

  • I am addicted to Monopoly 
  • I once co-piloted the Goodyear Blimp 
  • I am known on four continents as a really terrible dancer 
  • Oh, and I love small towns — and especially their newspapers 

There are stories behind each of those bullet points, stories I’m sure I’ll share with you. Maybe in a future column, or maybe over lunch. 

Sharing stories is how connections are made. Friendships are forged. Communities are built — and strengthened over time. Once upon a time, sharing stories was how village elders taught the next generation. And not just how to hunt, build or grow veggies the kids wouldn’t eat anyway.  

Sharing stories is how history, tradition, culture itself is passed from generation to generation. 

That’s still how it works today. Only instead of gathering around the fire to hear the elder spin his tale, we have television, radio and social media. 

And, thankfully, we have our Morning Sun. 

I remember when folks could rely on TV and radio — heck, I’m old enough to remember when television was so trusted that moms everywhere were criticized for letting their kids watch too much! I’m not saying there isn’t good content available, but I don’t think it’s going too far to point out how hard it is for most of us to slog through the chum to find it. 

And don’t get me started with social media. Not even two decades in, and the great promise of a shared, deeply connected culture has devolved into siloed tribalism and invective-spewing, fake-news-propagating arguments between random strangers and the best of friends. 

No, for real culture, for a real understanding of a community and the people who comprise it, you need look no further than a community’s newspaper. 

The Morning Sun is a reflection of Pittsburg and, to a large degree, Crawford County. The stories within its pages are the shared experiences of the people who live here. Even the ads tell you something significant about this community. 

These stories on these pages are why I’m here. They were my first impression of Pittsburg, and that impression struck a nerve. When offered the role of publisher here, I couldn’t accept fast enough. And it still took way too long for my wife and me to actually get here! 

I’ve worked in newspapers since my first writing gig in 1983. I’ve managed operations since becoming publisher of a national magazine in 1997. I have a closet full of plaques and certificates from various press associations, all attesting that I’m pretty good at my job. 

But all of that and a million dollars won’t buy me your trust. 

I have mighty big shoes to fill here, and I will work extremely hard to try. Only through service to this paper and especially this community can I hope to earn your trust. 

So let’s start the conversation right here. Send me an email at jpeyton@morningsun.net and tell me what’s important to you. Help me understand what matters. Mostly, let me know how I can be of service. 


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