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An Italian family of three is back in Rome following two years of captivity in Mali


ROME (AP) — Italy's foreign minister was on hand Tuesday for the arrival in Rome of an Italian family of three just hours after their release from two years of captivity in the African nation of Mali.

The family, identified as Rocco Langone, his wife Maria Caivano and an adult son, Giovanni Langone, were kidnapped from their home in the city of Koutiala, southeast of the Mali capital, by a militant group affiliated with al-Qaida. Italian authorities said the family had lived in Mali for years as part of a “well-integrated community of Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said that the family members were all in good condition. Besides Tajani, they were met by another adult son, Daniele Langone.

"I do not wish to anyone to go through what I went through,’’ Daniele Langone told reporters. “I am so grateful for all that has been done for me and for my family."