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Kansas Day
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Kansas will celebrate its 162nd birthday Sunday, Jan. 29, Kansas Day. Many reading this column will remember being taught “Kansas History” when in school. more
In God We Trust: All others pay cash
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I attended a marvelous history and art program last Sunday at the Miners Hall Museum. Centered around coinage, it was presented by David Sorrick, a numismatist (coin expert) who owns and operates In God We Trust LLC just across the line in Mindenmines, Missouri.  more
'Prophetic' first job?
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In retrospect, it seems an odd way to start a career. But I really wanted to go to band camp.  more
Many ways to give back
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With the holidays behind us, we’ve entered the time of year when many of us begin to realize we may have bitten off more than we can chew with our newly declared New Year’s resolutions. more
Let the voters decide
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And now, here's a preview of coming attractions! The kerfuffle over President Biden's handling of classified documents from his vice presidential days raises many legal and political issues. But here's one critical takeaway: Elections have consequences.   more
Biden and the sanctuaries’ dilemma
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When confronted with more than 2 million illegal border-crossers overwhelming U.S. authorities on the border last year — and 250,000 more crossers last month indicates the figure will be even higher this year — Republicans want to find a way to stop, or dramatically reduce, the flow. Democrats want to accommodate it.  more
Manage your child’s screen time
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These days, technology is everywhere. TVs, computers, phones, and other electronic devices are all competing for our kids’ attention. As a result, it can be easy for kids and families to engage in too much screen time which can cut into hours that could be better spent engaging in active play, sleeping, and social interaction.   more
The cesspool trap and outhouse pranks
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This excerpt from “Frogdancer,” Arma native Frank Jeler Jr.’s memoir, calls to mind sanitary facilities used here in the Little Balkans back in the day as well as a bit of folk architecture.   more
How NOT to deal with difficult customers
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I once knew of a freelance web developer named Frank Jonen. He earned his 15 minutes of fame after he highjacked a customer's website and posted an open letter explaining that this (now former) customer owed him a lot of money. Since the customer refused to pay, Jonen replaced the site's regularly scheduled content with his own.  more
A mother’s tale of hardship and triumph
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Have you ever been on a roller coaster and felt like your stomach was falling out of your body? That's the closest Gina can get to describing what it was like to see her unborn son, Jeremiah, on a sonogram for the first time. She was 17 and living with her grandmother. more
The folly of the criminal mind
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People who focus upon the motives of alleged killers like Bryan Kohberger, the Ph.D. candidate arrested for slaughtering four college students in Moscow, Idaho, are missing the point. Defective specimens like him don't have motives that any sane person would recognize. more
Mark your calendars
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There’s one aspect to my job that’s taken a back seat since 2020 (for obvious reasons) and that is programming. I admit I prefer selecting books for the collection and getting them into the hands of readers because, well, planning a program is just harder. more
Life after 60
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Death is an odd thing. Or, I should say, the knowledge of Death is an odd thing. Death comes to all of us with mathematical certainty. I know that I am going to die. But the time of our demise is a mystery until it is a done thing. more
As expected
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I think Valentine's Day is a marketing scam. It sets expectations that are hard to beat. I love my wife and still can't believe she went out with me, let alone is still married to me after 26 years, but Valentine's is tough. It comes with expectations. more
Artist Birger Sandzen
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I find it interesting the sights and sounds we store in our minds without even realizing it. We may not realize it but we all do. more
People on a parallel way
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“The passion for truth is silenced by answers which have the weight of undisputed authority.” — Paul Tillich  more
In his short time serving as Pittsburg mayor, Dr. Ron Seglie has already distinguished himself as an innovator.   more
On politics, religion and football
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Some things you just don't talk about when you're new to town. I mean, IF you want to make friends. Politics and religion — especially when combined — can ruin your chances faster than an offhand comparison between Jeff Gordon and Dale Junior at Darlington.  more
The price of pride
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Kevin McCarthy finally claimed the House speakership after 15 embarrassing ballots, but it was a hollow and hazardous victory. By caving to the demands of his own party's hardliners, he obtained the title, but diminished its value. more
Hunting in Kansas
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This excerpt from “Frogdancer,” Arma native Frank Jeler Jr’s memoir, speaks to the affection of learning to hunt with his dad as well as  experiences that brought heartbreak and anxiety. — J.T.K.  more
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