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Emergency Preparedness Month: Are you ready for a disaster?


September is National Preparedness Month. From fires and floods to tornadoes and earthquakes, disasters can happen anywhere… at any time. While nothing can totally prepare you for the aftermath of a disaster, there are steps you can take to reduce the chaos in the case of an unfortunate event:  

1) Make a plan. Your family may or may not be together when disaster strikes. Establish a communication plan for a meeting place. Talk about emergency plans with your child’s school and your employer. Emergency plans are not just for the home. When everyone is on the same page in a disaster, things can move forward faster.  

2) Have an emergency kit. Common items for your kit should include a flashlight, a first aid kit, and a battery-powered radio. It is also important to include water and non-perishable food. Other items which could be helpful include items for infants and pets if necessary, as well as cell phone chargers, blankets, extra batteries, and personal hygiene items.  

3) Be informed. Make sure you are up to date on insurance coverage. Discuss optional items such as flood and earthquake insurance with your provider. Know what the emergency plan is for your local community and how they will share information in case of a disaster.  

The first step is to be prepared; the second step is to stay prepared. Make sure you keep your kit up to date and replace expired items as needed. As family and situations change, keep your plan and your emergency kits updated.  

Ready.gov is a great resource and provides information in many different languages. The 2022 emergency preparedness campaign is “A Lasting Legacy.” The life you have built is worth protecting, and preparing for a disaster will help create a lasting legacy for you and your family.  

For more information, contact Julie Smith at juliesmith@ksu.edu or by calling 620-238-0704. 


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