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Tis the season for moveable feasting
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Kiwanis Pancake Day is today! Like Thanksgiving, it’s a “moveable feast.” Which is to say, although it’s always on the first Saturday in December, it occurs on a different date from year to year. more
Over a year ago, surveys of both local businesses and the broader community conducted by the Crawford County government in coordination with the Greenbush Education Service Center identified child care as a top priority for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding. Now, concrete plans for that funding are starting to come to fruition.  more
Combating analysis paralysis
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Ever work with someone who won’t — who can’t — make a decision? Or maybe you’ve been there yourself, staring down lists of details until your eyes blur over, recalculating your options, hoping — no, praying — that the right answer simply presents itself?   more
Can a lame duck quack?
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For the next few weeks, Washington faces a brief, and important, window of opportunity. Suspended in time between an election that's just over and another that's already starting, the lame duck session of Congress has a critical question to answer.  more
Trump gets played in Mar-a-Lago dinner
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What is sure to be one of the weirder moments of the 2024 presidential campaign has just taken place before the campaign is even fully underway.   more
The gift of health
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Is your health and fitness on your mind this time of year? If your answer was “no,” you are not alone! November and December are some of the busiest months of the whole year for many! more
Ben and Gary’s patriotic adventure
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Ben George sent this story about he and Gary Grant’s response to President Kennedy’s call engage to in a 50-mile hike in 1963. A tale that will undoubtedly tap into the memories of other septuagenarians.  more
With winter rapidly approaching and temperatures dropping, many people get their horticulture fix with indoor plants. Many rules of thumb for outdoor plants also apply to indoor plants. more
Fireside tales
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Who doesn’t remember hearing someone read “A Visit From St. Nicholas” (better known as “Twas the Night Before Christmas”) or, if you’re as old as I am, “The Gift of the Magi”? more
Our forefathers came to this continent for religious freedom. The Declaration of Independence was signed by mostly Christians including 29 seminary graduates after many prayers over its preparation.  more
A perfectly imperfect tarte
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When it comes to a dessert, a baked upside-down anything is a winner — even when it's a mistake. A tarte Tatin is a classic French upside-down fruit tart, traditionally made with apples. more
A river runs through it 
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My favorite reference librarian sent me a marvelous poem by Alberto Rios on Thanksgiving, saying it speaks directly to her feelings about the holiday.   I found it so profound that I forwarded it to friends and family and read it aloud at the O’Nelio family gathering on the farm in Dunkirk.  more
Good enough never is. 
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A decade or so back, when the newspaper industry thought it could stay ahead of that whole Interwebs wave that was just starting to build momentum, a favorite slogan among my peers went something like this:  Good enough is good enough.  more
Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
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Conversations and investments in relationships can go a long way. Our polarized and social media culture fights against these incredibly human things, but we can fight … more
This is not a leftover turkey recipe, but do not fret. While this recipe focuses on pork, the beauty of a chile verde is that you can use the recipe as a template and substitute in your favorite meat for the pork. more
Mortise and tenon, blood and sweat
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Thanksgiving Day is coming soon. The blood of the turkey has no doubt already been shed. The cans of cranberry sauce are sitting in the pantry waiting for their wobbly contents to be shaken free. Fried onions, mushroom soup, and green beans wait to be combined into a casserole.  more
Stocks rise first
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I’m not a fan of synchronized swimming. If my wife makes me watch it, I only look for the mess-ups. I prefer seeing the girl get kicked in the face more than the perfect routine. The stock market and the economy wouldn’t be very good synchronized swimmers.   more
Clothes make the man
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I’ve decided not to think about getting old, just accept it and start wearing all the clothes in my closet again; dress pants, shirts and ties, sportscoat — the outfits I used to wear before I retired. Also, all the hats in my collection.  more
Park Place, Boardwalk, and Pittsburg
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Sharing stories is how connections are made. Friendships are forged. Communities are built — and strengthened over time. Once upon a time, sharing stories was how village elders taught the next generation. And not just how to hunt, build or grow veggies the kids wouldn’t eat anyway.   more
Trump obsession clouds midterm analysis
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Remember when the conventional wisdom was that abortion would be a huge issue in the midterm elections? Then the election came, and a lot of data pointed to the fact that yes, abortion did indeed play a big role. But now, the subject most people are talking about is ... former President Donald Trump.  more
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