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From Kitchen to Curb: Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home


(BPT) - Following historical trends, spring and summer months represent an active time of year for the housing market. For sellers in 2023, homes listed in the first two weeks of June sold for 2.3% more, a $7,700 increase on a typical U.S. home, according to new Zillow data*. This should come as welcomed news for those homeowners who are considering selling their home and have the luxury of timing the market.

But before listing your home — and well in advance of staging photos for online real estate sites — experts suggest evaluating your home’s curb appeal and other cosmetic features that can help attract potential buyers. Consider this: The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics reports that excellent curb appeal alone can raise your home's value by as much as 7% and many Realtors will tell you the same.

With the right tools and a bit of creativity, even new DIYers can undertake home improvement projects designed to enhance aesthetic appeal and add value to their living spaces. One such versatile tool that can help you achieve significant upgrades without spending a fortune is the rotary tool. Capable of tackling a wide array of projects with its ability to cut, carve, engrave, polish and beyond, the rotary tool opens a world of creative possibilities for enhancing your home's aesthetics and functionality. To help homeowners unleash their DIY creativity, Dremel®, the creator of the high-speed rotary tool, shares five tips and project ideas:

Tidy up flooring. Over time, the grout in between tile can be susceptible to buildup — whether it's grime, mold or mildew — causing it to look dull or dirty. While cleaning it by hand can be a tedious, time-consuming task, enlisting the help of a solution and tool will have you knocking that item off your to-do list in no time. Start with a bathroom cleanser to clean any grout stains, followed by a rotary tool to quickly and easily remove the dirty or missing old grout. Top it off by regrouting where needed and from there, you’re well on your way to impressing prospective buyers.

Refinish outdoor furniture and fixtures. Can you see rust on your outdoor railings, lawn furniture, mailbox, doorknobs, hinges or other metal outdoor features? Are they discolored, weathered or worn? With the Dremel 8250 Cordless Rotary Tool, you can grind away rust in small, detailed sections, then sand or buff the surface before painting using one of the many compatible Dremel accessories. A key benefit is that the tool is cordless, allowing you to ditch the outlet and move wherever you need to address projects across the yard.

Stand out from the others. A home with custom shelves can be an effective, easy way to add appeal and differentiate your house from the ones around you. Express your creativity while incorporating sleek added storage with a shelf, effectively concealing clutter and optimizing space. Simply grab your favorite rotary tool and get started! From cutting wood to routing, the various rotary attachments on the market make this tool the right one for the job. For project inspiration, see here.

Customize the look of your home. In preparation for selling your new home, the 7350 Cordless Rotary Tool from Dremel is ready to help you elevate your space and infuse some personality. This lightweight tool is a go-to, whether it’s engraving your home address into your wooden mailbox, or adding the address number to the perimeter of your home. As the brand’s lowest priced rotary tool in the corded and cordless line-up, the 7350 is an approachable introductory tool for new and pro users to execute home improvement projects.

Leave them floored. Flooring can be a challenge to maintain, especially if you have little ones or pets running around. Looking to paint or refurbish? Make sure you start with an even base. With a sanding accessory on your rotary tool, you can easily smooth dents and gouges or sand splinters in wood flooring to create a prepared foundation to work off of before painting or sealing and save yourself time and money by avoiding replacing the floors completely.

Increasing your home's curb and cosmetic appeal doesn't have to cost a lot of money or require a pro's help. With the right tools, you can help DIY your way to a higher asking price and a quicker sale! For more ideas about DIY projects, visit Dremel's project site at https://www.dremel.com/us/en/projects/project-plans.

*Zillow: March 7, 2024; “Homes Listed for Sale in Early June Sell for $7,700 More”