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Designing with green hues: 5 ways to add this trending color to your kitchen and bath


(BPT) - Move over, gray. Green is having its moment this year in bath and kitchen design and décor. Whether dark, light or somewhere in between, these luscious hues are on trend right now, but they evoke a deep sense of nostalgia, optimism, style and panache.

Kohler knows a bit about that. The kitchen and bath fixture giant was the first to bring bold, coordinated color into kitchens and bathrooms in the 1920s. In 1927, Kohler launched precisely matching colors for cast-iron enamel and pottery glaze — meaning toilets, sinks and baths could be coordinated in matching, vibrant hues. Back then, America took a collective gasp when it saw Kohler bathrooms in living color. It set the design world on fire, with this country's elite clamoring for color, color, color in their kitchens and baths, culminating in an exhibit of a color-coordinated Kohler bathroom at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1929.

Last year, Kohler celebrated its 150th anniversary with a limited-edition Heritage Colors collection, and this year, that collection expands with the addition of Heritage Greens — Fresh Green, with its bright, lush vibes that bring the garden indoors; Teal's dark, rich, vivid drama; and Aspen Green's soft, soothing shade. These historic Kohler colors were selected to be revived this year because of their connection to nature, relation to well-being and diverse design sensibilities.

Eager to get started? Here are 5 ideas to green up your kitchens and baths.

Paint! The easiest and least expensive way to add a splash of green into your kitchen and bath is to paint one, or all four, walls in this trending shade. For kitchens, painted cabinets are all the rage. Why not give yours a facelift in green? For baths, accent with green towels and floor mats, and go for a vintage feel by including black or pink in the mix.

Large appliances and fixtures. Go for it! Stainless steel reigned supreme for years, but color is the emerging trend in kitchen appliances now. Major, high-end appliance manufacturers are offering lines in many shades of green, from light and subtle to dark and dramatic. But with this trend, you don't have to go all in at once. One statement piece, like a deep teal farmhouse sink within a white countertop, is a showstopper.

Smaller kitchen appliances. If you're not in the market for a major kitchen remodel, you can still add a pop of green with smaller kitchen appliances like toasters, ceramic tea kettles, coffee makers and even tools like can openers, corkscrews and other gadgets. Bonus tip: Don't forget to accent with kitchen towels, hot pads and even new curtains.

Bathroom fixtures. Hold your breath and imagine your bathroom transformed into a spa, courtesy of vibrant green fixtures. A green clawfoot tub? Yes, you can. A pedestal sink in quiet Aspen Green with a toilet to match? It's yours. These hues evoke the elegance of the past while wrapping you in the comfort of the present, making your bathroom a true oasis.

Tiles. You don't need to do a major renovation to add some color to your kitchen's backsplash or around your tub in the bath. Opt for mosaic tiles in various shades of green, or go with the sleek elegance of just one color.

Color can soothe the spirit, lift a mood, brighten a moment. It can make a small room feel bigger, or turn a dark room into an open, airy space. Kohler's Fresh Green, Teal and Aspen Green can inspire you to bask in living color.